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Helium Compressor

Helium Compressor

Helium compressor Features:

High-performance compressor system for rare gases,compressing, purifying,storing,distributing and recovering.

High Air compressors are especially designed for the rare gas. The crankcase resist 2.5bar,prevent gas losses, and special blowby recovery system is standard equipped.Low compress ratio and big size outlet of each stages is designed to reach low interstage temperature, and big capacity cooler is equipped for high compress heat of rare gas.

  • 1.5--8M³/min 20--35MPa.
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled cooler design, meet a variety of application requirements.
  • Diesel engine driven upon request.
  • Full range products for various demands.
  • The time-tested professional design.

Helium Compressor Advantage:

The universal modular design bring more flexibility and simplicity for the adjustment of the piston, cylinder, cylinder head and valves with, so that we can provide customers with the most efficient and economical system. Our design features and advantages determine our unit able to withstand the test of time and get the user's approval.

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs.
  • No special foundation requirements.
  • Pressurized crankcase to reduce the gas leakage.
  • High pressure.
  • Dynamic balance design.
  • Low vibration.
  • Low compression ratio and tempereture rise.
  • Efficient.
  • Suitable for continous or intermittent operating conditions.
  • Low speed in order to extend the service life.


* high pressure model upto 5000psig available.

Model Capacity
Maximum Working
Motor Power
HE-1.5A 1.5 200 45 1800*950*1300 1000 Air
HE-2.5A 2.5 200 55 2200*1200*1440 1450 Air
HE-3A 3 200 55 2200*1200*1440 1450 Air
HE-5A 5 200 110 3100*2000*2000 4500 Air
HE-7A 7 200 132 3100*2000*2000 4800 Air
HE-7A 7 200 132 3700*2100*2060 5000 Water

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