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Denair Dry Oil-free Air Compressor for Wind Tunnel Experiment of TOYOTA Car Production Line

DENAIR is a dedicated manufacturer of air compressor for more than 20 years by providing high quality with excellent service at affordable price.

Oil-free Air Compressor for Car Production Line

DENAIR dry type oil free screw air compressor adopt advanced workmanship joint Germany technology that is the leading brand except Atlas Copco & IR in China, the key component for dry oil free rotary air compressor is air end using Germany original GHH element to ensure higher performance and stability.

Dry oil free rotary screw air compressor DWW-45 & DWW-65 has been working for more than 3 years in Car industry, it was working very well without any issues, they are applying for wind tunnel experiment of TOYOTA car production line, DENAIR brand is well approved by their nice voice because of stable quality and service.

Some photos for air compressor attached.

Oil-free Air Compressor for Car Production Line

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