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The 11th training class at DENAIR air compressor factory

The 11th training class was held at DENAIR air compressor factory in Shanghai from January 29 to 31st, 2018. The 18 sales elites from DENAIR offices all over China attended this important training class. During the training in three days, all trainees learnt about how to become a good sales representative for air compressor, working principle and technical characteristics of different DENAIR air compressors, how to operate and maintain the air compressors, advantage of DENAIR energy saving air compressor, etc. Each sales elite learnt more new knowledge about air compressor and got a good score in the final examination.

The 11th Training Class at DENAIR Air Compressor Factory

Learning and progress is one of DENAIR core values. DENAIR set up the perfect training system for staff to reach the all-win goal of customer’s satisfaction, staff’s growth and enterprise’s development. Besides the monthly training class in DENAIR factory, we have the induction training courses for new staffs, weekly standard training courses and management training for executives. The complete training system ensures our customer to enjoy the professional service and support from DENAIR well-trained staffs.

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