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The exciting “ Mien Cup” DENAIR basketball game

The exciting “ Mien Cup” DENAIR Basketball Game

The “Mien Cup” DENAIR men’s basketball game was held successfully in January 21, 2018. There were four young teams to play the basketball game. Fire Team was composed of staffs from DENAIR marketing department, they were in red. Iceberg Team was composed of staffs from DENAIR manufacturing factory, they were in white. Dream Team was composed of staffs from DENAIR sales center in Shanghai, they were in blue. Sword Team was composed of staffs from DENAIR network department and international trade department, they were in black. Certainly, other staffs are cheerleaders for this interesting game. Each team showed their strong athletic ability, good teamwork and fighing spirit during the team. Finally Fire Team from marketing department won this game versus Iceberg Team at 30:24. All of us had a wonderful Sunday because of the exciting company basketball game.

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