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DENAIR 2018 annual party

On February 3rd, 2018, Denair Energy Saving Technology (Shanghai) PLC. successfully held the Annual Party in Xuelang Lake Resort of Shanghai. The theme of this big event was “New Start on the Road of Branding with Joint Efforts”. DENAIR staffs have prepared for this important party nearly 3 months. More than 400 people, who were the local government leaders, DENAIR strategic partners, some important DENAIR suppliers, staff in headquarters and representatives from 23 subsidiary companies all over China were invited to join in the annual event. And the party was on a live webcast with a virtual audience of over 20,000 viewer.

DENAIR 2018 Annual Party

DENAIR 2018 Annual Party

DENAIR 2018 Annual Party

The party was consisted of DENAIR staffs’ talent show, reward the most outstanding and hardworking employees and lucky draw. At the beginning of the party, DENAIR general manager Mr. Bob Yu made an address that in 2017 DENAIR made a big progress of 35% growth rate for sales volume compared to 2016’s and DENAIR became a listed enterprise at the end of 2016. The great achievement we got last year and new dream next year encouraged and inspired everyone in the party. Then we enjoyed the various fantastic programs from different offices and departments of DENAIR, the staffs’ talent shows included singing, dancing, cross talking, guitar solo, drama and poetry reading, and so on. During the interval of talent performance, there were exciting lucky draw for our staffs, almost all DENAIR staffs were lucky enough to get the big lottery. At the end of party, the most outstanding and hardworking employees got the awards from managements and the excellent programs got the acting prizes. Congratulations to all of us! The party was full of applause and cheers, it was really an unforgettable and amazing night for DENAIR big family.

DENAIR 2018 Annual Party

DENAIR will be more powerful to create more values for our customers, staffs and partners in 2018. We wish everyone a prosperous year of 2018!

DENAIR 2018 Annual Party

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