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Feeling about the first two months

Time flies.

It has passed two months and I changed a lot. From someone with no knowledge about compressor to someone who can speak basic compressor knowledge anytime even though not very professional. From someone who didn’t know how to send and write an email to someone who could discuss problem with customers. From someone is afraid to speak English to someone willing to speak English in public though it’s not very accurately.

And in my first month, I had my first client and sold an DA-7 to Oman. I cann’t forget this feeling when I ensured the news that Daisy and Salim will be business partner from that time.That’s really amazing and encouraged me a lot. But I didn’t forgot how I get this business, I need to say thanks to my manger and my colleagues since they really helped me a lot.

Though I even have many problems and faults now and in the future, about the voltage and something else important details, but I will try my best to change it to be a better Daisy and a better seller.

Nothing can win the courage and faith,we just need some time.

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