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DENAIR compressor in Garment factory

In Bangladesh, there are so many textile factories, mill and plastic and even garments factories.

DENAIR just delivered three units screw air compressor with compressed air treatment equipment to Bangladesh’s garment factory.

DENAIR compressor

It’s one of a leading factory among most of Bangladesh’s garment factories. DENAIR can export more than 30 units air compressors to Bangladesh market, 1/3 of air compressor for textile industry, 1/3 of screw compressor are used for plastic industry, the remaining are used for garment factories.

They choose DENAIR Compressor, because DENAIR compressor can supply their equipment high quality compressed air to make sure their safety production and high quality products for their clients.

Now more and more people know DENAIR, and more and more clients are glad to choose DENAIR compressor and use DENAIR Compressor, and join DENAIR Family.

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