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DENAIR DACY-32/10 diesel portable air compressor in KUWAIT

Capacity: 32m3/min
Pressure: 10bar
Engine: Cummins 360hp engine

Diesel Portable Air Compressor in KUWAIT

These two sets diesel portable air compressor will be shipped to KUWAIT and work in 60 degree working condition. Before the client choose DENAIR, they considered many other brands, but most of them not as good quality as DENAIR and our client don’t think these brand product can be worked in such a strict condition, after many times comparing work, they confirmed the order with DENAIR because of our rich experience in hot temperature area and our good quality have been verified by our lot of customers.

Diesel Portable Air Compressor in KUWAIT

Today these two sets are preparing for shipment work in our factory, and the clients will finish their project soon.

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