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Women's day in DENAIR

As we know, March 8th, International Working Women's Day, is an occasion marked by women’s groups around the world. This day is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designed in many countries as a national holiday. In China, we celebrated Women’s Day each year, as well as in DENAIR.

This March 8th, each women worker in DENAIR received a rose and an extra bonus from DENAIR HR Dept. Denair shows the respect of women workers’ independence and contributions by these little gifts. Women workers in International Trading Company are very happy and excited with the gifts. After receiving the gifts, they took a group picture together for a good memory.

Women’s Day in DENAIR

As a worker in DENAIR, we feel happy, warm and free each day. Just as the core essence of DENAIR Culture says, to share common pursuit of understanding , learning, ethics and gratitude. To realize the values of life and the pursuit of happiness; to be honest, to innovate, to execute and to evaluate oneself. Also to create mutual understanding and to progress together with the clients.

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