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Ordinary to exceptional

Announcement: Last Weekend DENAIR International Trading Company Had A Great 2 Days Outing

Dear readers, what would you think when a supervisor says, “ We are going to do some team building!” ?

You might recalling the insanely-awkward-try hard stuffs just is not fun enough, and probably thinking you are a liar, how it would be great?

2018-5-19 to 2018-5-20 DENAIR had two days outing in Loho Island, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It was fun, fresh, energetic and full of surprises.

First impression last forever, once you got the feet on the island, you will love it, out of city, smells fresh after the quick summer rain, quite and cozy. That’s how I felt on our first day.

After lunch, we started our team building events, very happy that our trainer is very humor and energetic, he’s words influence us, encourage us, build us trust, mitigate conflict and increase collaboration, make us feel more engaged.

Cooking fun, someone might think cook is not fun, it is very stressful and tried for one not mention you have to cook for a entire family. Big pot, less ingredients and you gotta make your own fire, once of life time, it is very hard for city animals, and it was really fun to experience it. Cook what you had, eat what you made.

After dinner, we continued our events, everyone was very into it and everything went well. All of sudden, lights out, everything was dark in front of you, then saw a beam of light reflected in your eyes, a birthday song came out. Suddenly, you realized that some lucky guy is having a birthday, and I wish it was me. What a surprise!

If there was laughter, a sense of excitement and accomplishment, and maybe a few moments on social media, this team building definitely on the right track!

Everything happened last weekend was very ordinary, probably we didn’t even remember when we feel so much joy from this ordinary things. And ordinary is the exceptional.

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