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Sri Lanka customer from tea sorting industry visited DENAIR group

Mr.Gayan & Mr.Thusitha our good partners spent 2 days at DENAIR Energy Saving Technology (Shanghai) PLC visitation and training.

Day 1. DENAIR culture, production lines and new factory touring

Day 2. Theoretical knowledge learning, on site troubleshooting talking though and training

DENAIR Sri Lanka Customer

For the past two days, we have been sharing the common understanding of the air compressors and to exchange some thoughts about the models. Very happy and appreciated that we could have the chance to do that.

With your professionalism and the great market in Sri Lanka, I do believe, we can achieve more and have a productive future.

DENAIR Sri Lanka CustomerDENAIR Sri Lanka Customer

After two days training, we are very proud that during these two days training, Mr.Gayan & Mr.Thusitha equipped the ability to do the maintenance of our Denair air compressor. Hereby, Denair issued Training Certificate to both of them.

Honestly, we merely can’t focus manufacturing, marketing and provide the best after sales service at the same time, especially, when we are trying to expend our brand into a foreign country. We need the RIGHT PARTNER who can manage or help our business. Thanks for their trust and support all the time.

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