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DENAIR sales engineer visiting customers in Lebanon

PHILKA Group is a developing distributor of DENAIR in Lebanon, for promote cooperation work better and have a better knowing of local market, DENAIR Sales engineer Mr. Joe went to visit PHILKA Group at 7-8th, June, 2018.

DENAIR Sales Engineer Visiting Customers in Lebanon

At the first day, Mr. Joe invited by Mr. Samir (Mr. Phillpi’s father) to go to their home for a family party., it’s really a unforgettable night, it’s not only a business trip, but also a meeting between friends. At the second day, Mr. Joe visited Philka company and showroom at Beirut, to promote the going project better and know the local market better, Joe discussed with Philka’s team of sale, product, market, culture, based on DENAIR’s brochure, they also talked more about DENAIR’s product and market expanding strategy.

DENAIR Sales Engineer Visiting Customers in Lebanon

The two days visiting deepen the cooperation relationship between Philka and DENAIR, Philka have a better knowing of DENAIR’s air compressor and make an specific sale plan for local market, DENAIR also have a more accurate knowing of local market and make an specific support plan for local market, it also a big step for DENAIR to expand Lebanon market.

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