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DENAIR team building in 2018

As a tradition in DENAIR, we travel together once a year for annual team building activity. On 19th and 20th, May, members of Denair International Trading Company came to Suzhou City, a beautiful historic city close to Shanghai, for annual team building in 2018. It lasted for two days, just a weekend in May.


After a delicious lunch, we started our team building with a young and humor coach. We were divided into three teams by random, each team has a team name, flag and slogan. Each team would be scored after every game. All the games need team work to complete, which the theme of the team building.

The dinner was also made by team work, each team cooked for themselves with the same food material. Each member enjoyed a wonderful dinner time as we are like a family to have dinner together. After the dinner, we had a small party to play variety of games. The bar where we are is full of laugh till late night.

The second day, we played by ourselves after all the games are finished. Before we left, we took a group photo together for the team spirit that Team Work Makes Dream Work. We are so lucky and happy to find a dream team that each member is like family member and best friends. We believe each team building would be a beautiful memory.

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