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Distributor training in DENAIR factory from Iran

On July 16th-21th, DENAIR distributor from IRAN went to DENAIR factory for signing distributor agreement and distribution training work. All the process including four parts:

1.Distributor agreement negotiation,

Professional business negotiation been proceed between us, but it’s not hard because DENAIR and it’s distributor always have the mutual benefits and we have the same goal to develop business in the market. Finally we signed the agreement, the photo have recorded this important time.

DENAIR distributor,Compressor distributor,Air compressor distributor

2.Distributor training

The distributor trained by PPT in advance for Theoretical knowledge, then the training been combined with the compressors in DENAIR factory, distributor have a more expressed and deeper understanding of DENAIR products. DENAIR excellent design and technology attracted them deeply and the very strict quality control system expressed them very well.

DENAIR distributor,Compressor distributor,Air compressor distributor

3.Sightseeing in Shanghai

After training, engineer Mr. Joe accompany with the distribution team had a sightseeing in a long history town the city center of Shanghai, they attracted deeply by the beautiful sight of the long history Fengjing town and the city center of Modern Shanghai, although they are in different culture, but they can enjoy the difference of the culture.

DENAIR distributor,Compressor distributor,Air compressor distributor

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