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Oil free air compressor with optimized design for Canada hospital

July 18th 2018 is a special day, one thing is a customer from Canada visit DENAIR.

The customer is coming for checking our factory and mainly looking for oil free air compressor, as the customer is the third large of hospital staff factory in Canada.

As DENAIR oil free air compressor is one of our most powerful products we are very exciting to introduce:

We have three kind of oil free air compressor, they are scroll type from 3.7KW to 11KW, water lubricant type from 15KW to 132KW, dry type with famous GHH air end from 55KW to 355KW which include low pressure 3bar type and high pressure type from 7-10bar.

The customer is very interested in our scroll type compressor which is silent and small size. Also DENAIR dry type oil free air compressor with optimized design and high quality components.

The products quality is always the most important factor, DENAIR pursuit to produce the high quality and environment friendly products. For the air compressor the 75% cost is power consumption in their whole life so the machine energy efficiency or not is very important.

DENAIR technical team always pay many attention on develop and research the better products, we welcome you join us!

oil free air compressor for Canada hospital

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