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DENAIR screw vacuum pump have a higher recognition by Canadian customers

On 25th, October, DEANIR customer from Canada went to DENAIR factory for studying vacuum pumps and looking for business opportunity. The customer have more than 25 years experience to sale and use vacuum pumps especially the vane pumps which can sale with their Maple syrup equipment together, they need the vacuum pump to create vacuum inside the sap transmission pipeline, and get the sap in to the syrup, but this time they visit DENAIR is to looking for a new business opportunity for screw vacuum pump because it’s have a higher recognition by the customers.

screw vacuum pump,DENAIR screw vacuum pump

The Germany technology and industry awareness let the customer realized DENAIR is their only professional choose, and their future cooperation work with DENAIR will be illuminated.

Under the background of Globalization, the competition is becoming stronger and stronger, and the mechanization producing is reducing the manufacture cost more and more, only produce products is not enough, only when you have the core technology and the high level management system, you can achieve long-term sustainable development, DENAIR is one of them, with the rapid development in past years, DENAIR also been bigger and bigger not only in staffs volume and factory square, but also been higher level in technology. AS our customers said before: DEANIR is your professional choose.

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