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DENAIR & DENAIR air compressors in Myanmar

In order to supply better service for local distributor and develop well Myanmar market, DENAIR decided to visit Myanmar at the end of October.

When we started our business trip, we depart two teams with our local distributor’s guidance.

One is formed by our technical engineers who accompanied with distributor’s service engineers to visit the users’ site to check the compressor running conditions and supply maintenance service. The other one is formed by our sales engineer who accompanied with our distributor and visit the potential project to introduce DENAIR compressor and brand to them, the way is regarded as a very good and efficient way by distributor which will increase their confidence on promoting DENAIR Compressor and products to their clients in local market.

In Myanmar, we have known small compressor especially below 75kw compressors are very popular and use widely. So it’s very competitive for the small compressor range. Small factories are mainly concerned about price, not quality, so we suggest our distributors can pay more attention on DENAIR dry type oil free compressor and diesel portable air compressors sales and promotion. At present, these product series are most powerful and competitive in DENAIR.

They also can help our clients, especially distributor to bring more profits in the sales and promotion process.

As we know, Concrete, cement, clothing, textile, plastic, food, brewing industries are very popular in Myanmar. All of them will have the demand on compressors. Therefore, we believe that Myanmar is a good market for screw compressors especially, oil free air compressor. DENAIR will have a good chance here in the nearest future, and more and more clients will know and choose DENAIR with our distributor’s help and DENAIR’s efforts .

DENAIR air compressors in Myanmar

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