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A one-year late praise

On 11st , November, 2015, DENAIR International Trading Company received two Russian customers in DENAIR (SHANGHAI) factory, and their purpose of this visiting is to inspect the Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor DACY-39/25, which has been stocked in DENAIR finished production zone for one year.

Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor DACY-3925 Customer

This compressor was ordered on 24th, November, 2014, and one month later, DENAIR factory finished the producing of this compressor on time as per the contract, but customer met the difficulty of payment because of the economical and political causes, which made the shipments greatly delayed. However, DENAIR international trading company proactively expressed to customers that “ we will be together with each other through this hard period, we promise that we will keep well the compressor until the day you request for shipping”.

During that period, we brought our regular greeting, similar DENAIR compressor cases sharing to customer for reference instead of impatience and frequently requesting for payment, which however more strengthen the trust of customer on DENAIR, and a new order from customer before their inspecting visiting is coming from this enhanced trust.

At the day of inspection, Russian Engineer carefully watched and checked the compressor running condition, asked some questions from time to time to DENAIR testing people, the matters about operation and inspection which need attentions. After a specific running time, Engineer asked to stop the machine which means this inspection successfully came to an end. Besides, customers told us the compressor need to be sent to Russian after inspection very soon, and if everything going well, there will be several re-orders in the future.

This visiting made customer better understanding of DENAIR, and also made the connection between both parties closer, we are confident that there will be more and more cooperation between us in the soon future.

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