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DENAIR involved in loving care activity at welfare house in Huzhou

To develop DENAIR group culture, show DENAIR culture core valve ”positive development”, DENAIR management team visited the children in Huzhou Welfare House in the afternoon on April 7th, 2014.

DENAIR Admin and HR department have organized this loving visit, who have been preparing it, communicating with the welfare house, confirming the visit time and purchasing necessities for children...

DENAIR Group has been doing loving care activity at welfare house

Arrived at the welfare house, we are guided to the classroom building by the director of the house Mr Wu. We found that every student had the same first name “Wu”. Mr. Wu explained that these children were abandoned by their parents for physical defect. When we received them we didn’t know their name or they never have one. As the welfare house located in “Wuxing” Area of Huzhou, we gave them first name Wu which in Chinese means “None”.

DENAIR Group has been doing loving care activity at welfare house

These children seemed very happy to meet us, and greeted with us very politely. It is very unforgettable that we were doing games with children on the playground.

While playing games with them, we found that very small things could make them very happy and satisfied. They really needed to be loved. They were dreaming for a happy life and future even though they are physical defect.

DENAIR Group has been doing loving care activity at welfare house

The welfare house staff treated the children very patiently and taught them to be independent and strong before they came to the society.

The most beautiful flower all over the world is - the flower of love, the most extensive place all over the world is sky and land. Let us do this together, give our love and spread DENAIR culture.

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