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DENAIR staff went to Shanghai fourth welfare house

On April 18th 2015, it might be a usual day for others but it was unusual day for DENAIR.

DENAIR staff representatives went to visit more than 300 lonely elders in Shanghai Fourth Welfare House in Songjiang District with DENAIR staff’s warm care and donated clothes.

DENAIR Staffs Went To The Fourth Welfare of Shanghai

These elders felt very happy when our young colleagues arrived there.

Only a simple greeting brought their childlike smile and warm applause. When we were walking into the living room of the House, they seemed to take us as their family members, some even showed us their own semi-finished sweater, and some talked the family daily life with holding our hands...

DENAIR Staffs Went To The Fourth Welfare of Shanghai

These elders had an unfortunate past, or been born with disabilities, or been abandoned because of the poverty. Some of them have never been out of the welfare house from birth. However they are very optimistic, full of thanksgiving-- even though it was a little hard to communicate with them, we heard so many "Thank you! Thank you!" from them.

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