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DENAIR Water Cooling Air Compressor in Vietnam

Project Name: Beverage factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Product Name: 75KW 100HP water cooling direct driven screw air compressor

Model No. & Qty: DA-75GW x 1

Working Time: From December, 2015 till now

Event: On December 16th, 2015, 1 unit of DENAIR 75KW water cooling air compressor started working at a beverage factory in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, it will become a key auxiliary equipment for supplying stable and enough compressed air source in the production process. More and more DENAIR air compressors work in Vietnam to create values for the local industries. If the compressed air contacts the drink directly or indirectly, then DENAIR water lubricated oil free air compressor and dry type oil free screw air compressor are the perfect choice.

Screw Air Compressor for Food Industry

DENAIR Water Cooling Air Compressor in Vietnam

DENAIR Air Compressor in Vietnam

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