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DENAIR Air Compressor for Glass Industry in Thailand

Project Name: Glasswork manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand.

Product Name: 132KW 175HP water cooling screw air compressor with air dryers.

Model No. & Qty: DA-132W x 2.

Working Time: From May, 2015 till now.

Event: Congratulations on DENAIR distributor in Thailand finished another new air compressor project in glass factory. The recognition for big models of air compressor from this factory will build up more confidence to the local distributor and other end-users. Although the installation job was finished, it is not the ending of the project, it is a new start. Because DENAIR distributor and factory must keep the best service continuously, for example, check the running performance of air compressor system periodically, maintain the equipment and replace the consumable parts, etc. DENAIR will cherish every opportunity to create customer value for Thai Industries.

DENAIR Air Compressor for Glass Industry in Thailand

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