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DENAIR High Pressure Air Compressor in Myanmar

Project Name: Plastic industry PET bottles blowing machine in Yangon, Myanmar

Product Name: 1.6m3/min 350bar diesel driven piston air compressor

Model No. & Qty: DG-1.6/350 x 1

Working Time: From May, 2016 till now

Event: Last month, DENAIR air compressor factory’s technician went to Myanmar to finish the Installation guide, commissioning & technical training for the high pressure air compressor. It is a set of high pressure air solution customized by DENAIR air compressor factory according to the user’s requirement. The whole system is consist of 350bar piston air compressor with Cummins diesel engine, high pressure air bottles, high pressure air filters and customized desiccant air dryer with high efficiency muffler, etc.

DENAIR High Pressure Air Compressor in Myanmar

High Pressure Air Compressor in Myanmar

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