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DENAIR Air Compressor in Russian Car Factory

Project Name: Russian car factory.

Product Name and Model: Screw air compressors DVA-250 *1, DA-250 *3, DA-90 *1, DVA-90 *1. Refrigerant air dryer DAD-50HTF *1, DAD-15HTF *1. Adsorption dryer DAD-60MXF*1.

Working time: From June, 2016 till now.

Event: DENAIR produced special compressor equipment for car factory in Russia. All compressors can be controlled by one computer using Metacentre control system.

The facotry will produce cars of Chinese brand.We try our best to make "Made in China" is not only competitive price, but also high quality,innovation and great stability.

DENAIR Air Compressor in Russian Car Factory

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