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DENAIR Air Compressor for Printing Service in Russia

Project Name: Printing service in Moscow, Russia

Product Name: 15KW 20HP belt driven air compressor with 1000L air receiver tank

Model No. & Qty: DA-15 x 1, C-1.0/10 x 1

Working Time: From December, 2015 till now

DENAIR Air Compressor for Printing Service in Russia

Event: In June, 2016, our customer from Russia sent us a photo of DENAIR 20HP 15KW screw air compressor with air receiver, and told us that the compressor is working very well in their factory. We are grateful for the compliment from the valuable customer and will do our best to provide the excellent product and service. This air compressor showing the photo is characterized by its easy operation, optimized structure and durability. Moreover, the compressor is low noise and easy to maintain. Any more details about this project, pls feel free to contact DENAIR RUSSIAN sales engineer via email

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Lyuba Du, PR Coordinator,

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