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DENAIR Screw Air Compressor For Laundry In U.A.E

Project Name: DENAIR 22kw vsd screw air compressor For Laundry in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Model No. & Qty:

DA-22 oil-injected screw air compressor 1 unit

DAD-3HTF Refrigerated air dryer 1 unit

CTA-003 filter 3 pcs

C-1.0 1000L air receiver tank 1unit

Working Time: From Mar, 2018 till now

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In Mar 2018, DENAIR delivered one set 22kw VSD screw air compressor to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, the application is Laundry.

In mid-east, the air compressor using condition is very tough, because the ambient temperature is around 55 degree in Summer, but how does DENAIR optimize our design to resist this condition? every air compressor export to mid-east, we will specially enlarged the radiators and fan, use IE3 motors, to make a better performance in heat releasing, so when customers, who are from high temperature area, buy our compressors, we usually suggest our customers to use the lubrication oil with high flash point for better and safer working condition.

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