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DENAIR VSD Screw Air Compressor for Food Processing in USA

Project Name: Coffee manufacturer in Omaha, United States
Product Name: 30KW 40HP direct dirven variable frequency screw air compressor with air dryer and air receiver tank
Model No. & Qty: DVA-30G x 2
Working Time: From January, 2016 till now

DENAIR VSD Screw Air Compressor for Food Processing in USA

Event: In January, 2016, DENAIR service team Michael, Sissi and Steven visited our VIP customer in Omaha, United States for technical training for air compressor maintenance. The customer was very satisfied with our good service and VSD energy saving solution. The main technical parameters of this VSD energy-saving screw air compressor system as follows:

DVA-30G: variable speed drive screw air compressor
Working pressure: 8bar
Free air delivery: 2.25-4.5m3/min
Motor power: 30KW/40HP
Power supply: 208V/60HZ/3PHASE
Driven Mode: direct driven

DAD-6HTF: refrigerated air dryer
Inlet pressure: 4-13bar
Capacity: 6.5Nm3/min
Power supply: 130V/60HZ/1PHASE
Pressure dew point: 2-10℃

C-1.5/8: air receiver tank
Working pressure: 8bar
Capacity: 1500Liters

Compressed air filters
C-006: 6.5Nm3/min liquid separator filter
T-006: 6.5Nm3/min particulate filter
A-006: 6.5Nm3/min oil removal filter

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Alisa Hu, PR Coordinator,

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