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DENAIR Screw Air Compressor for Food Industry

Project Name: Grain color selector in Lima, Peru.

Product Name: 30KW 40HP belt driven screw air compressor with air dryer, air receiver tank and air filters.

Model No. & Qty: DA-30 x 1.

Working Time: From November, 2014 till now.

Event: The photo shows that DENAIR screw air compressor system is supporting the grain color selector with stable compressed air in Peru. Grain color selector is used to detect and separate the disqualified grains from the all grains based on the differences of color and shape with photoelectricity technology. The continous running of color selector is driven by the air compressor, so long service life, enough pressure and air flow and energy saving of air compressor are very important to the whole system. Besides the grain color selector, DENAIR air compressor is also the perfect auxiliary equipment to the tea leaves color selector, ore color selector or industrial products color selector, etc. At present, DENAIR electric stationary screw air compressors are very popular in Latin Ameria market, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, etc. Any question about DENAIR air compressor in Latin America, pls feel free to contact DENAIR SPANISH sales engineer via email

Screw Air Compressor for Food Industry

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