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DENAIR two-stage compression screw air compressor

DENAIR Air Compressor adopts the two-stage compression air end in the High pressure screw air compressor higher than 16 bar, the Energy Efficiency Index 1 type screw air compressor higher power than 90kw, dry oil free air compressor.

Two-stage compression screw air compressor is the industry trends because it’s more energy saving especially in the high power screw air compressors.

As we all know, the inlet power of the air compressor will be converted into heat. compressing hot air need more power consumption, so compressors must take cooling measures. The lower temperature during compression, the more energy efficient the compressor. The ideal compression processing is isothermal compression, it means the temperature during compression unchanged.

DENAIR two-stage compression screw air compressor is benefit to energy saving. Two- stage compression ratio total is less than the single compression ratio, which means that in the case of equal pressure, the air end and the motor of the two-stage compression screw air compressorload is less than single compressor.

Between the two air end, Denair adopts the super wide cooling pipe to reduce the pressure lose to the least and let the temperature decrease to 75 degrees to ensure the compressed air into the second stage air end is without the condensation water.

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