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The right compressor to save your investment

As we know air compressor is a power consumption product, before your make a procurement, do you know where you spend you money on? Most clients will choose a cheap price at first, but this is not a good option, because for air compressor, only 15% is purchasing cost, the most is the power consumption, it is 75% of the whole cost, and the last one is 10% maintenance cost, because after you run the air compressor, power consumption is continued, and the cost will be higher and higher as time pass by, so choosing an energy saving compressor is very important to save much money in the future.

Other important factors when you purchase the air compressor are: energy saving, quality, service, and price, you will learn from below picture, the energy saving factor is the most important, and price is in the last.

So when you purchase an air compressor, energy saving should be taken into consideration, it will help you saving your money in the future.

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