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DENAIR dry type oil free compressor GHH air end rotary coat

Denair dry type oil free air compressor adopts original Germany GHH air end with the high performance.

The rotory coat in the air end use the material named MoS2, the melting point of the MoS2 is 2375 ℃, which can be used well in very high temperature work condition.

dry type oil free air compressor

MoS2 is an important solid lubricant, especially suitable for high temperature and pressure. It is also diamagnetic and can be used as a linear photoconductor and as a semiconductor exhibiting P-type or N-type conductivity with rectification and transduction. MoS2 can also be used as a catalyst for complex hydrocarbon dehydrogenation. It is also known as the "king of advanced solid lubricants." MoS2 is a solid powder made from natural molybdenum concentrate powder chemically modified to change the molecular structure. This product is slightly black and silver color, metallic luster, touching a creamy feeling, do not dissolve in water. Products with good dispersion, the advantages of non-bonding can be added in a variety of oils, the formation of non-bonded colloidal state, can increase the lubricity and extreme pressure. Also applies to high temperature, high pressure, high speed high load mechanical working condition, extend equipment life. The main function of MoS2 for friction material is to reduce friction at low temperature, to increase friction at high temperature, to reduce the loss on ignition, and to volatilize easily in the friction material.

But due to it’s expensive cost, very few factory use it, DENAIR is one of the very few manufacturing enterprise.

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