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DENAIR diesel compressor oil& coolant

Diesel Compressor Oil

Diesel Compressor Oil Selection

1. Use standard GB252-94 qualified light diesel cetane number> 45;

2. Different environmental temperatures, different grades of diesel.

Grades of  Diesel Application Temperature
0# >4 ℃
-10# 5~-4 ℃
-20# -5~-14 ℃
-35# -15~-29 ℃
-50# -30~-44 ℃

Engine Oil Selection

1. Use GB11122-2006 standard diesel engine oil level and above CF;

2. Different environmental temperature, the use of different grades of engine oil.

Grades of engine oil Application Temperature
15W-40CF4 -10~-15 ℃
10W-30CF4 -5~-20 ℃
5W-20CF4 <-25℃

Diesel Compressor Coolant Selection

1.When temperatures near or below 0 ℃, the cooling system must be filled with rust-proof coolant;

2.Different environmental temperature, the use of different grades of rust-proof coolant;

3.Different proportions of coolant water and ethylene glycol has different freezing point is. The most commonly used antifreeze is liquid state glycol.

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