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DENAIR combined compact screw air compressor(DNA-7LG)

Germany is an international industrial powerful country with the history of hundreds of years. DENAIR origin is from Germany and it becomes a Sino - Germany joint venture step by step.

In this business, the first time I introduced our product to the clients from Germany Bassum, he was attracted by the pictures of our combined screw air compressor deeply. With the sustainable conversation in the following week, our professional recommended service and complete technical data to move him well, he made the decision quickly in the short time of one week, although our payment term is 30% in advance, we received his company pay of 100% in advance one day later.

In this business, he concerned about the pressure, he needed between the 9-11 bar, I studied his use of the compressor and the recommended him the 10.5 bar combined compact screw air compressor finally according to our experience in Germany.

combined screw air compressor

Air compressor: DNA-7LG

Air dryer: DAD-1HTF

Filters: C -001

T -001

A -001

Air receiver tank: C-0.2 (200 liters)

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