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DENAIR refrigerated air dryer

DENAIR DAD series refrigerated air dryer is a durable and low energy consumed air solution.

Drying process on compressed air is needed in order to prevent the condensed water precipitation and the followed corrosion and equipment damage.DAD series air dry can remove the water from the compressed air,which remove the biggest damage on air pipe system.

More filters,complete the installation of equipment.

More filters in the compressed air system will further improve the quality of air,reducing the possibility of damage of pneumatic tools and equipment,enhance the quality of finished production.

Main advantages of DENAIR DAD series refrigerated air dryer

1.Low dew point: DENAIR DAD series refrigerated air dryer could maintain a nice value of dew point at 3 ℃
2.DENAIR DAD series refrigerated air dryer uses MANEUROP, Daikin and other famous brands for choices
3.R134a, R410a, R407C environment friendly refrigerant available for European markets
4.Air cooled and Water cooled dryer available, suiting variable markets’ requirement

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