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How mach harm could unqualified air filters occur to the air compressor?

In modern industrial production, compressed air is more and more widely used, and is playing an increasingly important role in improving production efficiency and product quality, improving the automation of production operations and working reliability.

As a gas source, compressed air discharged through an air compressor contains a large amount of mixed impurities such as water vapor, oil vapor and dust.

The direct delivery of compressed air containing these impurities to service equipment can have the following adverse consequences for the entire system:

1, high-pressure oil and gas gathered inside the piping, form combustibles, and even explosive mixtures. Mean while oil is vaporized by high temperature to form an organic acid could corrode the equipment.

2, due to the deposition of water, oil, dust mixture in the pipeline, the pipeline flow area decreases, increasing the airflow resistance. Seriously, might cause pipeline blockage, could cause the instability of the entire system.

3, in the freezing season, water vapor condensation will make the pipes and accessories due to freezing damage.

4, compressed air and other impurities in the dust, cause friction on the relative movement of the components, seriously wear and tear can cause leakage,will affect equipment accuracy and service life.

5. Compressed air used for painting, chemical, food or precision parts processing, such as water, oil and impurities, will pollute the product, cause the quality of the product to deteriorate, cause serious damage to the product and affect the reputation of the product.

6.harm for the human.

Get high quality compressed air is very important for the good operation of your equipment, besides, high compressed air quality will dramatically reduce the maintenance of pipe system (easier piping installation), reduce the maintenance of equipment, and less breakdowns.

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