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What influence the bad quality oil filter will bring for you

What influence the bad quality oil filter will bring for you

Today DENAIR tell you some influences which will come out if you use a bad quality oil filter.

1, Permeation problem at the bottom of the oil filter

When the steel material is not good or there is a problem with stretch forming, water, impurities, etc. will precipitate at the bottom, which will easily lead to corrosion and perforation at the bottom of the oil filter. The shell will be burst when it is subjected to pressure.

2, Sealing ring leakage

The material of the seal ring, the seal ring is resistant to poor high and low temperature performance, and the compression deformation rate is poor. After the oil filter is used for a period of time, the seal ring will crack or decrease in elasticity, leading to oil leakage or oil leakage at the seal ring.

3, Sealing edge leaks

1). The lap ratio of the sealing edge is low, and the sealing plate does not match the size of the housing.
2). If the bypass valve fails or the throughput is small, the throughput of the bypass valve is 1-1.5 times the nominal opening pressure, and the throughput is not less than the rated flow.

4, Filter paper is easy to break

The filter paper is easy to break, and many people say that when some of the built-in oil filters are turned on, the filter paper is seen to be broken. In fact, the filter paper has poor carbonization resistance. After prolonged exposure to relatively high temperature and high pressure, it is easily carbonized, and the filter paper is easily broken after carbonization. External oil filter also faces this problem, but the external oil filter is because the filter paper inside the shell, we can not see whether the filter paper inside has been carbonized. The filter paper is easily broken after carbonization, and after it is crushed, it causes plugging of the oil filter, resulting in wear of the engine.

Remarks: The use of fiber filter paper can extend the anti-carbonation time of filter paper by more than 30%.

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