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DENAIR screw compressor air receiver

A set of air purifying system includes:air compressor, air dryer, air filter and screw compressor air receiver/air tank.

For some ones who are new to the field of air compressor, they always have no ideas about what they are actually needed.Therefore,we should figure out what a whole set of air purifying system includes before further explanation.

When customers look for machines to make compressed dry and clean air for driving their equipment like Drilling Rig,Sand Blasting machine, Pneumatic power tools, Blow moulding machine, Filling machine and so on, they may know that air compressor is the first necessary unit, they perhaps understand that the air dryer and air filter are also required, using for drying and cleaning the compressed air.

“Air dryer is the machine to make the temperature difference in very short time,lowering the temperature to separate out the water in the compressed air; and with air filter,the compressed air will be becoming dry and clean while delivery the pipes.”

But somebody will question that why the suppliers always persuade me to buy the air receiver? I need compressed dry and clean air, the threes or more units could be the solution for me, so is it essential to buy the screw compressor air receiver for the system?

Answer is YES.

To find the answers, we have to make it clear that what the air reciver’s functions are. Here DENAIR summarizes 4 main functions of screw compressor air receiver:

1.Storage the air

For a whole set of air purifying system,the actually needed air flow can not be always equal with rated air flow, which means there will be excess air,so how to deal with the excess air? just let it go? No, it will be waste of your time,money and your compressor’s

2.For urgent using

With excess air in the tank, if there will be some accident happening like unexpected stop of the compressor, the whole system still can be running with the air in the tank,giving you time to adjust the air compressor


3.Releasing the water and dirt

No matter how many air dryer and air filter you use,the water in the compressed air can not be separated out completely, so while delivery into the air receiver,it can be transformed into a device to separate the water and dirt, further drying and cleaning the compressed air for you.

screw compressor air receiver

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