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DENAIR double unit permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

DENAIR weekly training was hold last Saturday, and the main topic of this training is: Characteristic and Design Analysis of DENAIR Double Unit Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor. The double unit is referring to the compressors from 37-75kw. The new compressors have been changed from these sides,

1.About the engine, change from four stage engine to two stage,besides the original advantages, the double unit will be more easy and convenient to change, the parts are more flexible and more independent. All the engines are Permanent magnet synchronous motor, with IP65, Class F insulation, Grade B temperature rise( the Temperature resistance can up to 180℃)run well without troubles in 10000 hours, and also with no grease.

2.About the inverter, we have upgraded the inverter and set up the inverter with Internal protection. From the type one inverter to one engine, changed to one inverter to two engines. It could help our customers save lots of electric.

3.About the cooler, the general is set on the top area of the compressor, and the updated is side exhaust which could save lots of places ,more convenient to repair or move and the heat radiation will be better.

Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor

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