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Working principle of double screw air compressor

The working capacity of a double screw air compressor consists of a pair of rotor teeth that are parallel to each other and are meshed with each other and a housing containing the pair of rotors. When the machine is running two rotor teeth each other and inserted into the other tooth with rotation of the rotor tooth inserted into the other slot to the exhaust volume of the mobile terminal, by the other teeth closed gradually narrowed, the pressure gradually increased, until it reaches the required pressure, the tooth side communicates with the exhaust port, exhaust to achieve.

Working principle of double screw air compressor

When the teeth are meshed with each other, the teeth are inserted to form two spaces separated by teeth, and the alveolar teeth near the suction end are inspiratory volume, which is the volume of compressed gas near the exhaust end. With the operation of the compressor, the other rotor tooth insert tooth moved toward the exhaust end of the suction volume expanding, shrinking volume of compressed gas, so as to realize the compression process in each slot suction, when compressed gas in alveolar pressure reaches the required exhaust pressure, the exhaust orifice is communicated with the slot just start the exhaust process. The variation of the suction volume and the compression volume divided by the teeth of the opposing rotor is repeated, so that the double screw air compressor can continuously inhale, compress and exhaust air.

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