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DENAIR high pressure double screw air compressor

High pressure double screw air compressors serve a wide range of purposes in industrial, manufacturing and other applications. DENAIR Compressor has been manufacturing both low and high pressure machines many years. On this page, you’ll find a basic overview of high pressure compressor technology.

High pressure double screw air compressor specifications:

Air delivery/Air flow/Capacity: 10~32.49m3/min (353~1144cfm)

Working pressure: 16~40bar (262~580psi)

Motor power: 110~280kW (150~820hp)

Type: air cooling or water cooling

High pressure double screw air compressor Technical feature

DENAIR double screw air compressor

Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air End

Discharge pressure is up to 40 bar(=580 psig).
Delivers 10-17% more air than a single-stage compressor with no additional power.
Lower compression ratio in each stage reduces
bearing loads and increases air end life.

Premium Efficiency Drive Motor

Premium efficiency Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled ,(TEFC) IP54/IP55 motor (Class F insulation),protects against dust and chemicals etc.
Long-term stable operation even in harsh,environments up to 55℃ (131 ℉)

Pre-Filter Design

Most of the dust, oil, moisture etc.,being removed increases airend,air filter and oil filter life.
Large area of pre-filter ensures the,cooling efficiency and air inlet capacity.
Removable pre-filter is easy to clean.

Efficient Radiator

High quality aluminum fins and copper coil,materials with good thermal conductivity,ensure the perfect cooling efficiency.

Stainless Steel Oil Pipe and Air Pipe

High temperature resistant (400℃ =752 ℉),and low temperature resistant( - 270℃ - 518 ℉), high pressure resistant
Ultra-long life (80 years), completely,leak free and maintenance free

DENAIR double screw air compressor

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