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10 Regularly precautions of air compressor

10 Regularly precautions of air compressor:

1. Operation and maintenance of the air compressor must be responsible by qualified personnel.

2. When disassembling the high temperature components, it must be carried out after the temperature is cooled to the ambient temperature.

3. It is recommended to use clean and qualified lubricating oil for screw compressors. Different grades of lubricants are not allowed to be mixed, it may cause machine fails.

4. without the permission of the manufacturer, do not make any changes to the compressor that affect safety, reliability or add any additional device.

5. The original spare parts of the compressor are specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use original spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of the compressor work.

6. Absolutely not allowed to block the suction port of the compressor during the operation.

7. Most air compressor is produced for industry use, never allowed for breathe use, unless some special compressor produced for breathing.

8. Once the compressor is found to be working abnormally, stop the compressor immediately and eliminate the abnormality in time, and contact supplier once any problem can’t be handled.

9. Maintain and repair the compressor with the correct tools & ways, it can ensure the good performance and long use life.

10. After repair and before starting, confirm that all safety devices have been reinstalled and the tools have been removed from the compressor.

Regularly precautions of air compressor

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