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Screw air compressor VS Piston air compressor

Now, in the global air compressor industry trends, piston air compressor being eliminated gradually, by replaced by the screw air compressor.

Screw air compressor VS Piston air compressor

DENAIR is trying to provide our clients the best compressed air plan, please kindly check the below comparison of screw type and piston type.

1. Compressed Air Quality

Compare with the piston air compressor, screw air compressors provide an extremely reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air. The end products is directly affected by air quality.

2.Duty cycle and flow

Duty cycle is the percentage of time a compressor may operate with out risking overheating and causing excessive wear. That is an important way to discriminate with the piston type and screw type. For the piston type the allowable duty cycle is around 60-70%, and the screw type air compressor the duty cycle is 100%, which means the screw type air compressor is more stable and could operate continuously if the need arises.

3. Energy Efficiency

Screw compressors typically deliver more air per unit of input energy then piston air compressor. Piston air compressors generally delivery 3-4 cfm per hp, in the other hands, the screw compressors could delivery 4-5 cfm per hp.

4. Maintenance

Routine maintenance for screw air compressor is very simple, please kindly refer the below photo, shows the one year maintenance kits that one piston air compressor need. Instead of the screw air compressor only need to change the air filter, oil filter and oil separator filter.

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