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DENAIR screw air compressor in textile industry

Reliable compressed air is crucial in advanced textile manufacturing processes today. Decades of partnering with the world’s leading textile manufacturers has given us a keen sense of what is exactly required in the textile industry, for many different applications.

screw air compressor in textile industry

Firstly, we should know the features of air compressors in textile industry:

1.24 hours running, harsh running environment,

2.Large air delivery demands,

3.Low real operating pressure,

4.Variety compressor stations, complex pipelines, big pressure drop.

5.Large power consumption, about half cost production costs.

Secondly, textile industry includes many specific branches, as below shows:

1.Air jet weaving,

2.Spinning including ring, open and air jet spinning,

3.Man-made fiber production including POY & FDY,


5.Winding and dyeing nonwoven textiles,

6.Pneumatic transport for PET chips,

7.Waste water treatment,

Taking air jet weaving as an example, it has another name” air jet loom”.Producing beautiful fabrics, with the most sophisticated colors and patterns is an art. Fashion designers entrust their creations to weavers or spinners, able to deliver the highest quality fabrics. Choosing low oil contents or oil-free compressed air assists your business in delivering the highest quality textiles. Therefore, we should know how to choose the suitable air compressor model for clients and know the industry’s demands on compressor and compressed air quality.

1.Oil content requirements for compressed air

Air Purification Process Requirements for Clean Air Containing Oil : The maximum oil content does not exceed 0. 1mg/m 3 , that is, conform to CLASS 2 of ISO8573-1(Compressed air quality is measured according to the amount of oil), Whether the compressor is oil-free or oil-type, the oil particles (0. 01- 0. 8μm) should be filtered.

2.Dew point requirements for compressed air

Compressed air moisture requirements: Dew point should be 4-10 degrees.

That is, conform to ISO8573. 1 compressed air quality by moisture content Class 4-6.

3.Dust requirements for compressed air

Dust requirements for compressed air should be up to ISO8573.1 compressed air quality by dust content Class 2, the maximum dust particles are 1μm, the maximum dust content is 1mg/m3.

4.Working pressure requirements

Generally, the working pressure of air jet loom requires 0.5Mpa, output pressure of air compressor should be 0.7-0.75Mpa.

5.Air delivery requirements

Each unit air jet loom needs about 1.2Nm3/min(1.3m3/min). Different factories will install different quantities’ air jet loom, if we can get the information of their total units air jet loom, we can get their total air flow then, helping them to choose the suitable model. Air jet loom also requests constant pressure and variable flow air supply.

Finally, when we meet the clients who need DENAIR air compressor matched with their air jet loom, so we can follow the steps to guide our clients and persuade them to choose a suitable compressor to grasp them at the first with our rich experience in the industry.

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