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DENAIR oil-injected screw air compressor

On 16th Feb., 2019, DENAIR international trading company held training for oil-injected screw air compressor, to analyze the advantage of DENAIR oil-injected screw air compressor, so let us tell something about it.

oil injected screw air compressor

1.Air end design analysis

Profile design: the third generation ɑ model asymmetrical 5:6 tooth profile.

a.Design pressure: 0.5Mpa~1.25Mpa

b.Volume efficiency: ≥96%

c.Rotor diameter and center distance: large

d.Power consumption: ultra-low

e.Transmission ratio: 1:1

f.Noise level: lower

g.Sweden SKF bearing

h.Max. operating temperature: 110℃ continuous running.

2.Electric Motor- S&L Brand

Official Web:

S&L is also Ingersoll Rand China Factory's Supplier.

a. Fully enclosed 3Ph squirrel cage induction motor

b. Starting method: Star delta starting

c. Pole number: 2P

d. IP Grade: IP54

e. SKF bearings made in Sweden

f. Insulation Class: F class

g. Efficiency: 95% according to Standard GB/T 1032

3.Radiator design

a. Max. working pressure: 1.7 Mpa

b. Working temperature: 120 ℃

c. Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

d. Pressure loss: ≤ 0.005 Mpa

e. Temperature difference requirements:

(1) Oil line: Oil inlet temperature - Oil outlet temperature ≥ 15℃

(2) Air line: Air outlet temperature ≤ ambient temperature + 15℃

f. Cooler fins: alternating expression.

g. Material: Aluminum plate + copper

h. Air line and oil line are separated. (only for 90 KW and above models)

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