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Design with 22 types of technology patent

One of advantages of DENAIR is the continuous innovation from our professional technical team. DENAIR is improving rapidly by the powerful product R & D system these years. 22 global patents of DENAIR air compressor are listed as follows for reference:

NO. Patent Description Patent Type Patent Certificate No.
1 Seperating device for air & oil mixture Utility Model ZL201520299918.0
2 Motor driven device Utility Model ZL201520372572.2
3 Air & oil mixture relief valve for air compressor Utility Model ZL201520788741.0
4 Restrictor plate aperture test device Utility Mode ZL201520773166.7
5 Oil filter for screw air compressor Utility Model ZL201520816110.5
6 Secondary chassis Utility Model ZL201520816251.7
7 Exhausted buffer tank Utility Model ZL201520826333.X
8 Silencer on the exhausted pipe line Utility Model ZL201520814679.8
9 Air inlet/outlet control valve Utility Model ZL201520850443.X
10 Negative pressure heat absorb valve Utility Model ZL201520827082.7
11 Stop and oil cut device for air compressor Utility Model ZL201520839381.2
12 Fluid diffluent block Utility Model ZL201520829352.8
13 Pressured fluid pipeline connector Utility Model ZL201520827072.3
14 Pressure stabilizing device Utility Model ZL201520839661.3
15 Motor internal radiating device Utility Model ZL201520839627.6
16 Pressure control & maintenance device Utility Model ZL201520816252.1
17 Air compressor Utility Model ZL201530111611.9
18 Seal & connect device for air compressor Utility Model ZL201521128364.4
19 Silencer on the exhausted pipe line Utility Model ZL201520865160.2
20 Refrigerated type dewatering&filtering device Utility Model ZL201520900621.5
21 Water purifier for oil free air compressor Utility Model ZL201520962486.7
22 Power generation system for air compressor Utility Model ZL201620143456.8

You can check these patents through the link:

Design with 22 Types of Technology Patent

Click this area with RED mark and say"Agree with the instruction", then you will come to this final page. Write down the application No. which is the Patent Certificate No. above to find the details of patent.

Design with 22 Types of Technology Patent

More patents of DENAIR air compressors are under applying process. We will keep to research and develop the new products. Hope more and more customers will be benefit from DENAIR hi-tech and energy saving solutions.

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