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Air Compressor for Food Processing

In sugar refinery and bakery plant, compressed air is used in transporting syrup. Some liquid food, liquid immersion food such as pickling food is stired by filling of compressed air. In cannery, the compressed air is used for can filler, heat refining and disinfecting. Air compressor is also necessary for preserving and packing all kinds of food. When storing the fruits and vegetables, the compressor system and nitrogen generator system are working together to reduce the purity of oxygen by increasing the purity of nitrogen or other gas. This kind of method will prevent food spoiling from mould and fungus. When packing the food, air compressor is the perfect match with the packing machines, especially for packing the crispy and freeze-dried food. Air compressors do a lot of job in the bakery plant, for example, clean the biscuit dregs, spray the butter on the pan, compress the dough, drive the jet to clean the crumbs, etc. One of the most important application of air compressor in the bakery plant is to carry the flours by driving the conveyor. The complete flours conveying system is finished aumatically in a closed and clean pipe network without any manual handling.

If the compressed air contacts the food directly, oil free air compressors are the best choice to keep the food safe and pollution free.

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