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Air Compressor for Glass Industry

Applications of air compressor in glass industry include treatment of glass sand, blown glasses, operating of casting mould, holddown and sandblaster, supply of oil furnace, glass etching, moulding of bulbs and dull polish. Air compressor is very important for the mould machiner for flat glass bottles. And hundreds of bottles are processed by bottle blowing machine with the high pressure compressed air, the high pressure screw air compressor and high pressure piston air compressor play an imporatant role in this field.

The compressed air and gas in smelting furnace in glass factory helps to reach the high burn-away rate. High pressure compressed air can drill in glass because of friction. Etching the pattern on the glass by the method of sandblasting. Cooling some glass sheets in high temperation by compressed air, then the glasses have the function of breakage-proof and larger tensile strength. The glass sheets are lifted by vacuum chuck, in order to reduce the risk of breakage.

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