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6 Advantages
———————— DENAIR Centrifugal Blower Product Features ————————

The compact blower structure and small size.

Advanced impeller profile curve and
high efficiency

The flow capacity can be controlled in the wide range, and the blower can be applied to variety of working conditions.

After strict dynamic balance, the rotor has low vibration, high reliability and low overall noise.

High degree of intelligence

The structure of blower is advanced and reasonable. Easy-worn parts are few. Installation, operation and maintenance are convenient.


DENAIR Blower Guide Vane Controller
Guide Vane ControllerAdjusting device: IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) and OGV (Outlet Guide Vane, optional). IGV is composed by: base, guide vane, transmission mechanism and actuator. OGV is composed by: diffuser disc, guide vane, transmission mechanism and actuator.
DENAIR Blower Impeller
ImpellerThe impeller design is based on the ternary flow theory, enjoys high efficiency. Each impeller is dynamically balanced after precision machining, and all impeller get through the test of the rated 1.15 times speed and strength test. In order to meet the needs of different conditions, the impeller materials could be optional, such as Forged aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium.
DENAIR Blower High-speed Rotor
High-speed RotorThe high-speed rotor is consists of the impeller, the high-speed gear and the high-speed shaft. Impeller and high-speed shaft are connected by rod and the torque is transmitted by end surface pin or tooth. The dynamic balancing test accords to the international standards and the precision could reach G1 grade to ensure the operation to be smooth and reliable.
DENAIR Blower Gear
GearThe acceleration gear pair adopts the involute tooth profile. The surface of gearwheel and pinion gets through the grinding and nitride-harden treatment to maintain the high speed stable operation, low vibration and low noise. The lifetime can be 20 years.
DENAIR Blower Bearing
BearingThe high-speed shaft support, composed by many flexible pads, adopts tilting pad journal bearing. The pads could deflex around the fulcrum, its anti-vibration performance and automatically adjusting ability according to the variation of load and speed are both excellent.
DENAIR Blower Seal
SealDiverse seals are available for different transported gas: Labyrinth seal, Carbon Ring Seal + Inert Gas Purging and etc. Integrated design or split design for different conditions.
Industry Application
———————— DENAIR Centrifugal Blower Solutions ————————

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