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DENAIR not only provide an extensive line of standard products, but also offer a full range of customized services.

air compressor voltage customized
Customized solution for different power supply, for example 
380V/220V/230V/400V/415V/440V/6000V/50HZ/60HZ or other.
customize air compressor
Customized solution for special working conditions, for example high temperature resistance design when working site is above 55℃, preheating design when working site is -40℃.
customize  air compressor pressure
Customized solution to meet the requirements for special working pressure 
and capacity.
air compressor customized service
Design for new functions are available, for example, multi-language LCD, remote control, recovery of waste heat, etc.
containerized air compressor
Customized solution for different applications, for example, skid-mounted diesel screw air compressor, containerized air compressor system.
customized spare parts of air compressor
Customized solution for unique components according to customer’s requirement.
air compressor OEM
OEM service

Free Consultation If you need the customized solutions, please contact us via
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