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CHORUS Series Centrifugal Compressor

CHORUS Series Centrifugal Compressor

CHORUS Series Centrifugal Air Compressor:

Medium: air, nitrogen, natural gas, carbon dioxide, low temperature nitrogen & natural gas, steam and other gases

Compression stage: Single stage and multistage (stage 1-6) gear driven

Standards:meet API 617 / API 672 / API614

Innovative features and design:

1.The overall design of cast structure, including gear boxes, coolers and all air pipes

  • Minimal noise design, compact structure

2.100% oil-free clean compressed air

  • Perfect separation structure between Lube part and air compression part

3.Efficient and stable quality

  • The latest computer simulation design
  • use the superior quality parts

4.Fast & simple installation

  • A new generation Chorus series has simple installation, compact design and light weight, which is easy to maintain and move.

Easy maintenance

  • Horizontal gearbox, bearings and oil seal
  • Straight-pipe cooler facilitates quick decomposition on site for easy maintenance
  • Adopting modular design to facilitate inspection and maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance time


  • All compressor components ensure strict quality control and durability testing
  • Stable Quality Assurance System Improves Compressor Performance and Durability & Stability

Configuration points: standards and options

Standard Items:

  • Cutting-edge fluid engineering design,efficient turbo compressor
  • High precision air filter
  • Inter cooler, oil cooler, after cooler
  • All levels of vibration detection device
  • High efficiency motor
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Basic configuration PLC controller * 10-inch color touch screen
  • Lube system
  • Inlet Guide Vane [I.G.V]
  • Blow Off valve [B.O.V] and silencer
  • Constant pressure control and automatic loading and unloading control

Optional Items :

  • Double oil filter
  • High-voltage starter cabinet
  • Inhalation filter differential pressure monitoring
  • Centralized control / remote control
  • HMI monitoring system
  • Sound insulation cover
Description Flow
Exhaust pressure
CHORUS 60 2300-5500 3-25 150-6000 3600*1900*2000 7200
CHORUS 90 5500-8500 4000*2100*2200 8000
CHORUS 150 8500-15000 4600*2100*2500 10000
CHORUS 200 15000-21000 4900*2150*2550 19000
CHORUS 250 18000-25000 5000*2200*2600 22000
CHORUS 450 25000-41000 5300*3000*3200 24000
CHORUS 650 41000-60000     7500*3500*4000 29000
CHORUS 1000 50000-300000 3-40 TBD TBD TBD

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